Top Areas of Study in UAE

Looking Forward – Top Subjects to Study in the UAE

Universities aim to provide students with the knowledge and experience that will lead them to the best jobs in the industry. The UAE, with one of the world’s fastest growing economies, is a terrific place to study and seek employment post-graduation. But if you’re looking to head there for your undergraduate degree initially, what should you plan to study if you want a high-paying, stable career in one of the most rapidly progressing countries in the world?


It is no surprise that architecture makes the list. The UAE is home to some of the most incredible and diverse examples of world class architecture you can find. From the intricacy of traditional Middle Eastern designs to the modern beauty of the tallest building on the planet, UAE is a haven for aspiring architects worldwide.

As economic activity in the country continues to flourish and expand, opportunities and demand for architects have never been higher. Entry-level architects in Dubai can expect to earn a starting salary of approximately AED 117,000 – with the potential to increase up to over AED 300,000 as they gain experience in the field.

For the soon-to-be architect, schools such as Heriot Watt University, American University of Dubai, or Canadian University, Dubai are good places to begin researching your potential degree options.


Engineering happens to be one of the most stable career paths you can choose in the UAE – and the pay isn’t bad either. In Dubai, especially, engineering is very popular and can earn you a generous salary of between AED 52,357 and AED 356,409.

Mechanical and civil engineering are the most widely studied, with the latter maintaining a particularly high level of potential future careers as the UAE has expressed intent to invest up to AED 7.5 billion in the development of a variety of pre-approved construction projects in the coming years.

If engineering might be your calling, a few universities in the UAE to consider include Abu Dhabi University, University of Dubai, or Manipal University in Dubai.


Finally, students with a proclivity toward or passion for commerce are in luck in the UAE. Those looking to earn their bachelor’s degree in areas of this field, including finance and accountancy, will find themselves in high demand post-graduation.

As the country continues to experience rapid growth in population, economy, and world influence, students with a degree in commerce can expect to earn between AED 36,300 and AED 310,000 per year. Between the high wages and the job security, commerce students will be prepared to face the world head-on with their degree from any number of prestigious institution in the UAE.

For all the aspiring commerce industry leaders, it would be a good idea to begin your university search in the UAE with Murdoch University Dubai, University of Wollongong in Dubai, or American University of Sharjah.