Best MBA Programs in UAE

The Best MBA Programs in the UAE

The UAE has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and for students and professionals looking to earn their MBA, it is a hub for high-quality programs and much sought-after connections. Both local universities and those from around the globe have campuses in the country, but with such a high concentration of opportunity, it can be difficult to narrow down the options.

Students have different preferences and priorities when deciding where they want to study. Here, you can start your search with a list designed to help you find the Best MBA Programs in the UAE for….

...the UAE-based university

Many universities and MBA programs are opening campuses in Dubai and the rest of the UAE as the city and country are gaining notoriety as a hub for academia and business. But, unlike the other universities and MBA programs you will find, the University of Dubai (UD) is primarily based in the UAE’s business hub.

The University of Dubai has a strong, well-recognized MBA program that will propel the careers of its graduates to their full potential. In addition to being a top-ranking school in the UAE, UD provides its graduates with an impressively diverse lists of MBA programs. Students can choose to pursue a traditional MBA degree, or they can opt to get an MBA in any of 4 other fields, including finance and accounting, leadership and human resource management, international business and marketing, and operations logistics and management.

The programs are all fully accredited and will position graduates for top careers in the industry. The curriculum is based on real-life examples and simulations that are aligned with international certificates and professional bodies. Those that find success in completing the program will be poised to take their careers to the next level.

Learn more about University of Dubai’s MBA program here.

...the accelerated program

Whether a prospective student is coming directly from undergraduate studies or has been in the work force for years, it can sometimes be difficult to commit a full two years to an MBA program. Luckily, Dubai offers students an opportunity to achieve a renowned degree from a top university in an accelerated, one-year program at Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School boasts an 12-month MBA program based in Dubai designed for the experienced student looking to make the most of his or her time. With campuses in some of the world’s largest and most business-savvy cities, Hult’s one-year MBA program is known globally for its rigor and success in preparing students to enter the world of business more equipped to handle the new challenges facing organizations on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, the school provides a variety of pre-arrival and post-departure programs to further develop its students, assisting them in career planning and even offering graduated students the opportunity to enroll in one elective per semester or a range of leadership summer executive education programs, free of charge.

Learn more about Hult’s MBA program in Dubai here.

...the name recognition

Many students (and businesses) appreciate a widely recognized university, and believe there is power in a well respected name. When it comes to globally renowned business programs, the London Business School (LBS) is regarded as one of top 10 in the world.

Ranked at the number 2 spot (following Harvard University) by QS World University Rankings, the London Business School offers nine distinguished programs, from economics and finance to organizational behavior and entrepreneurship. In fact, it is the only university in the top ten to have a 100% rating in the category of academic reputation.

LBS first opened its Dubai campus ten years ago in 2007, launching the Executive MBA program at the new location. It has since invited the best students from around the globe – including over 3000 from the Middle East – to study at the institution, work with leading entrepreneurs, businesses, and partners, and take part in not only the best education, but also the best connections and contacts available. Graduates from this prestigious program will surely not face any difficulties in advancing their careers, especially with LBS’s continued connections with some of the industry’s leading companies and the weight its name carries in countries around the globe.

Learn more about LBS’s MBA program in Dubai here.

...the networking opportunity

Of course, it is often difficult to separate name recognition from networking opportunity – having the right connection or an impressive background can help students get both a foot in the door and an edge on their competition. For the last two years, INSEAD’s MBA programs have received top marks, eclipsing big names like Harvard, Stanford, and Cambridge as the top MBA program globally, according to the Financial Times

But it’s not just the recognition and high quality of the education that makes it the best school for networking opportunities. INSEAD has given itself the mantra, “The Business School for the World,” undeniably earning its lofty, albeit self-endowed title. With an alumnae network of nearly 160 nationalities across 170 countries, it is clear that INSEAD makes concerted efforts and finds immense success in diversifying its campuses, giving students from every background the chance to earn their place and leave their mark in the business world.

While it has been in the UAE for ten years, INSEAD inaugurated a new campus in Abu Dhabi in 2010. With additional campuses in France and Singapore, INSEAD’s UAE location draws on over 50 years of experience as part of a world-leading academic institution in executive business administration. The only university on this list with its campus in Abu Dhabi, INSEAD approaches its prowess in the Middle East from a unique perspective, lending students an unparalleled edge as they enter the business world, using the knowledge they’ve learned and the connections they’ve made through the program.

Learn more about INSEAD’s MAB program in Abu Dhabi here.

This part is where you come in. Weighing the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, focuses and emphases of different universities can be a challenging task. Be sure to consider your top priorities – whether you want to study for one year or two, what your budget looks like, and where you would like you see yourself post-graduation – before making your final decision and sending in your applications.

It’s a big decision, but whatever you choose, the breadth and quality of MBA programs in the UAE provide the perfect place to begin or continue your career once you’ve completed your chosen MBA program.