Why Study in the US

Why Study in the United States?

Often regarded as the penultimate global superpower, the US has become the most highly sought-after destination for students studying abroad. Students from all corners of the globe, all walks of life, and all fields of study flock to the country to take part in the high-quality education it offers and the broad range of opportunities afforded to students and graduates.

Here are 5 reasons international students should be applying to universities in the US:

Best Universities in the World

Out of the world’s top 10 universities, half are in the US – in fact, 4 out of the top 5 are located in the massive country, proving its role as a global leader, especially in terms of education. However, even if Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford, Harvard, CalTech, or University of Chicago seem out of reach, the US has a wide variety of top-quality education opportunities recognized around the world. With its range of liberal arts focuses, coupled with its dedication to the pursuit of leading and cutting-edge science and technology, it is no wonder the country’s academic institutions are so highly regarded.

Plus, to the benefit of international students, many of these universities see the distinct advantages of inviting students from varying cultures and origins to study on their campuses.

Innovation and Research

Universities in the US are at the forefront of today’s most cutting-edge scientific progress, technological advancement, and creative innovation. Large research and academic institutions in the US offer opportunities for students to work side-by-side with their peers and professors, not to mention with industry leaders and major organizations, applying what they learn in the classroom to the lab, workforce, or workshop.

US institutions tend to support the fieldwork their faculty is performing – often requiring professors to be engaged in some form of active research outside of the classroom – making information even more readily available and providing increased research opportunities for students to undertake.

Post-Graduate Career Opportunities

While graduates around the world struggled to find employment during the economic crash beginning in 2008, few countries have rebounded as quickly and completely as the US. In fact, one study found that over 97% of recent college and university graduates had found employment at the time of their graduation in the 2016-2017 academic year.

The US is not only rife with job opportunities, but also home to one of the widest ranges of career paths students can hope to find. Sure, it leads the world in scientific and technological advancement, but it is also a major center for communication, entertainment, business, manufacturing, and a slew of other opportunities. Whatever your passion or goals might be, the US is certainly one of the best places to start your career.

International Hub

The US is considered by many to be a melting pot of global cultures, and that comes from its long-held tradition of welcoming other cultures into its society. Although its recent political climate might seem to indicate that this is changing, the country is still by and far one of the most welcoming and accepting on a global scale.

Students coming from any location around the globe will feel welcomed and likely find a sense of community quickly due to the high volume of international students they will be surrounded by and studying among. Locals are also typically very warm and friendly toward those new to the country.

Home Away from Home

Because the US is so large and invites such a wide range of students and international visitors to make their home, even if it is only temporary, in their communities, students from nearly any background should face no challenges when it comes to finding familiar traditions.

Most major cities in the US have neighborhoods that largely represent a global population. Places like ChinaTown, KoreaTown, Little Armenia, Little Guyana, Little India, and more all have communities in some of the country’s most prominent cities. Students from nearly any background looking for an authentic meal from home or a conversation in their native tongue need only to find a neighborhood that matches their background.

These communities exist and thrive outside of major cities, as well, although they may be more difficult to reach without the quality public transport and close proximity afforded by city-living. Wherever a student studies, the US provides opportunities to slip back into their comfort zone, if only for a moment, to ease any homesickness and find a home away from home.

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