Cost of Living in Turkey

Cost of Living in Turkey

Turkey is easily one of the most affordable countries in which a student can maintain a high quality of life for a very low cost. Situated at the meeting point between Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Turkey is home to some of the biggest cities, most beautiful natural wonders, and most hospitable people on the planet. Students who choose this multicultural country as their destination for study will surely not be disappointed in all it has to offer [link to Why Study in Turkey article].

Turkey’s currency is the Turkish Lira, which is valued at just over one-quarter of one US Dollar. Typically, students (and expatriates) living in the country find that they are able to stretch their money further there than they can in many other places. But just how far does the Turkish Lira go? Here are the general day-to-day expenses of living in Turkey as a student:

One Year of Studying in Turkey

Depending on a student’s choice of university, program, or degree, the cost of studying in Turkey [insert link to Cost of Study in Turkey article] will likely vary, but students can expect to be paying significantly less than they would in many other premier destinations like the US, UK, Canada, or Australia. In Turkey, the largest variation in tuition fee can be traced to the student’s decision to study in a private or a public institution. For those enrolled in a public university, it is likely that they will be paying less than 1500 USD per year; however, those looking into programs at private universities cold pay up to 20,000 USD per year, though they should probably expect a tuition fee closer to 5000 to 10,000 USD.

Overall Cost of Living in Turkey

While Turkey is typically a far more inexpensive destination than many others, a student’s location within the country will, of course, directly affect their cost of day-to-day living. Those in an urban setting will pay higher prices for apartments, social events, and day-to-ay necessities, even though Istanbul (the country’s largest city) earns high ranks when in terms of Cost of Living, than those living in a more rural environment. Turkey has plenty for both to offer, meeting the preferences of students traveling to the country.

Ranking 76th in terms of the most expensive countries in the world, Turkey is largely appealing for the high quality of life obtained at a low price tag. In rural, suburban, and even urban settings, travelers and students are able to afford more in Turkey than in many other places around the planet.

For a quick list of what to expect when living Turkey, see the chart below:


Monthly rent in normal area for two people (85m^2)

1623 TL

Monthly Utilities

368 TL

Internet (8Mbps)

54 TL


Monthly Metro Ticket

166 TL

1 Liter of Gasoline

5.12 TL


Basic Lunchtime Menu

28 TL

Fast Food Combo Meal

17 TL

Cinema Tickets

17 TL

Cappuccino in the City

11 TL

Beer in Neighborhood Pub

14 TL