WorkStudy in New Zealand

4 Steps to Work and Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most student-friendly destinations you can visit. The country makes it easy to study there and has continued to attracts growing numbers of international students on an annual basis. Its world-class universities and education system make the country one of the most desirable in the world in terms of international study.

New Zealand’s cost of living, however, is rather high. Students will have to have saved some money before they venture to the islands in the South Pacific to earn their degrees. Luckily, New Zealand is very encouraging of part-time work during students’ full-time studying. In fact, it’s one of the easiest places in the world to work while you study.

Part-time employment in New Zealand is desirable, fulfilling, and simple. Here are the 4 steps you’ll need to take in order to get a job while you study in New Zealand:

Step 1: Gain admittance to a New Zealand University

Before you do anything else, be sure to gain admittance to a university in New Zealand. This means putting in the time to research the myriad of institutions and programs the country has to offer. Students also benefit from learning about and applying for any scholarships for which they qualify, to help offset the cost of studying.

The application process for international students looking to attend most universities in new Zealand is relatively simple; however, for students who are not familiar with the process, companies like YesAtlas are available to help you through every step of the process.

Step 2: Apply for your student visa

After you have confirmed your intent to attend a university, and that university has accepted you into tis program, you must apply for a student visa to stay in the country for more than three months. Again, the student visa application process is relatively simple in New Zealand, so students should not be intimidated by the process.

The beauty of the student visa in New Zealand is that it doubles as the work permit for part-time jobs, so long as those on the visa are enrolled full-time in a New Zealand university. This visa process follows the university acceptance step due to the fact that, in order to get the visa, students must show proof of funding for their chosen university.

While working on a student visa is easy, there are some important rules you need to ensure you follow. No student can work more than 20 hours in a week, unless it is a holiday and they are not attending classes. Most visas require that students be enrolled in at least a two-year program in the country in order to qualify to work in the country. To learn more about the visa provisions and restrictions, visit New Zealand’s work-study site.

Step 3: Apply to a Job

Students who have met the visa requirements and have received their visa can now begin to apply for jobs in the country. Prospective employers will verify your work status, which is located on your student visa. This means that, unlike in other countries, the employer does not have to pay fees or be a part of your visa application process.

For students and employers, alike, this fact alone is a benefit: because they do not need to worry about excess fees or complicated visa application processes, employers are more likely to consider international students for part-time positions while they study. Of course, this benefits the students, as well, who are seeking the employment in the first place.

Step 4: Begin working!

If you’ve followed and completed steps 1-3, you are now ready to begin working in New Zealand. It’s a terrific opportunity and the perfect way to build your resume (who doesn’t like to see international work experience in potential employees?) and earn some extra cash to help you pay for your time in New Zealand.