Cost of Living in Malaysia

Cost of Living in Malaysia

Steadily climbing the rankings of most popular places for international study, Malaysia is a premier destination for those looking to complete their degree programs and advance their careers in a unique setting with a growing emphasis on and quality of education. While a myriad of reasons exist to choose the country as the location for their studies, students are attracted ti Malaysia for the low cost of living – particularly for those on a budget.

The Malaysian Ringgits (MR) has remained stable over the past few years, and is currently valued at approximately a quarter of the US Dollar. Given this, what can students expect to spend during their time in the country? This, naturally, is contingent upon a variety of factors, but overall, here is what to plan for:

One Year of Studying in Malaysia

Depending on a student’s choice of university, program, or degree, the cost of studying in Malaysia [insert link to Cost of Study in Malaysia article] will likely vary, but students can expect to be paying significantly less than they would in many other top destinations like the US, UK, or Australia. Field of study is perhaps the most influential on the cost: for example, students pursuing a degree in sciences and medicine should expect to pay higher tuition fees than those studying humanities and the arts.

Overall Cost of Living in Malaysia

A student’s location within the country will, of course, directly affect their cost of day-to-day living. Those in an urban setting will pay higher costs for apartments, social events, and day-to-ay necessities than those living in a more rural environment. Malaysia has plenty for both to offer, meeting the preferences of students traveling to the country.

Ranking 79th in terms of the most expensive countries in the world, Malaysia is largely appealing for the high quality of life obtained at a relatively low price tag. Even its largest city, Kuala Lumpur, is the 250th most expensive city, meaning that even in urban settings, travelers and students are able to afford more than in many other places around the planet. One thing many students will notice, however, is the relatively high price of alcohol in Malaysia, possibly stemming from the largely Islamic culture that statistically dominates the country.

For a quick list of what to expect when living Malaysia, see the chart below:


Monthly rent in normal area for two people (85m^2)

RM 1,823

Monthly Utilities

RM 230

Internet (8Mbps)

RM 137


Monthly Metro Ticket

RM 157

Average Taxi Fare (8km)

RM 21


Basic Lunchtime Menu

RM 18

Fast Food Combo Meal

RM 14

Cinema Tickets

RM 14

Cappuccino in the City

RM 17

Beer in Neighborhood Pub

RM 22