Best Universities in the UK

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Best Universities in the UK for International Students

Finding a list of the top universities in the UK is far from difficult – in fact, most international students are already likely familiar with the schools that make it on those lists. These schools, including Oxford University, Cambridge University, and University College London are some of the most well-known on a global scale, and for good reason: they are among the most academically rigorous and world-renowned institutions a student can attend.

However, when it comes to the best universities for international students, the list of top universities varies slightly. We’ve compiled the top universities in the UK for international students based on a variety of attributes.

Highest Number of International Students

This list shows the schools that attract the highest number of international students in comparison to their overall student body. Each is committed to furthering education for local and international students, alike, and offer terrific on-campus communities for students hailing from around the world:

  1. University of Manchester (5,380 international students)
  2. Liverpool University (4,775)
  3. University College London (4,360)
  4. Coventry University (4,355)
  5. University of the Arts London (4,305)
  6. University of Edinburgh (3,595)
  7. University of Sheffield (3,200)
  8. Nottingham University (3,070)
  9. Imperial College London (2,770)
  10. Warwick University (2,570)

Highest Percentage of International Students

It’s not all just about the numbers – it’s also about the proportion. This list shows the schools that attract the highest number of international students in comparison to their overall student body:

  1. University of Buckingham (56.35% international students)
  2. London School of Economics and Political Science (44.64%)
  3. University of Saint Andrews (41.63%)
  4. Glyndwr University (39.84%)
  5. School of Oriental and African Studies (39.39%)
  6. University of the Arts (37.81%)
  7. Imperial College London (37.57%)
  8. University College London (36.75%)
  9. Heriot-Watt University (31.37%)
  10. City University London (28.13%)

Most Affordable UK Universities for International Students

Sometimes scholarships and financial aid aren’t an option for international students. You can learn more about some of the below universities in our more in-depth article, “The Most Affordable Universities in the UK” [link to article]. For a quick run-through, here is a list of the top 10 most affordable universities in the UK:

  1. University of Bedfordshire (9,900 GBP annual tuition fee)
  2. University College Birmingham (10,000 GBP)
  3. University of Suffolk (10,100 GBP)
  4. Teesside University (10,250 GBP)
  5. Staffordshire University (10,500 GBP)
  6. University of Cumbria (10,500 GBP)
  7. University of Chichester (10,620 GBP)
  8. University of Bolton (11,000 GBP)
  9. York Saint John University (11,000 GBP)
  10. Coventry University (11,200 GBP)