Why Study in Malaysia

Why Study in Malaysia?

Southeast Asia is becoming a tremendous multicultural hub, attracting travelers, businesses, and students from around the world at a consistently increasing rate. Countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore are among the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, and many businesses are also opening offices and branches in the region – if they haven’t already done so. But there’s one country that only seems to be just coming into the spotlight: Malaysia.

Malaysia is quickly becoming a hub for tourists, businesses, and, perhaps most rapidly, students. Each year, more students venture to the beautiful country to start, continue, or complete their degrees. If you’re considering an international study experience, here are 5 reasons that Malaysia could be right for you:

High-Quality Education

It might be a surprise to find that Malaysia ranks number 12 in terms of most popular destinations for international study, with almost 65,000 students traveling from around the world to the country that flanks both sides of the South China Sea. One of the top reasons for the popularity of the destination is its quality of education. In fact, according to QS Top Universities, the  University of Malaya ranked joint 114 in the world in 2018. While not quite ready to compete with the likes of Singapore, Hong Kong, or China, Local Malaysian universities are quickly rising in the ranks.

Additionally, the country is home to a plethora of international universities based in countries more prominently known for their strength in education, including the US, UK, and Australia. Monash University in Malaysia (UK) is among these prestigious institutions, which offer students the opportunity to study in world-renowned institutions at a more affordable cost in a more unique setting.

Postgraduate Career Opportunities

It goes without saying that students attending university are often preoccupied with postgraduate plans – be they continuing education or stepping into the workforce. For those interested in the latter, particularly, Malaysia is a terrific place to begin establishing roots. The country has been witnessing a growth in economy and is in need of skilled workers to continue maintaining its economic expansion.

Much of the reason for the country’s growth in the global market since gaining its independence over 50 years ago can be traced back to technology. Going forward, industries in Computer Science and IT [link to top fields of study in Malaysia article], which lend to the country’s commitment to high-end engineering and research and development, are expected to make major strides. This creates increased opportunities for students studying at universities like UCSI in Kuala Lumpur, known for their degrees in these fields.

Highly Multicultural

Even discounting international students, which have one of the world’s highest population proportions in Malaysia (almost 10% of the students in the country are international), Malaysia remains one of the most multicultural destinations, on a global scale. Only about half of its population is native Malay, with another quarter hailing form China, and almost 10% from India.

With so much diversity, international students will find themselves at home among foreigners from over 100 countries, most of whom speak English, which is typically the primary language used at higher education institutions. Religiously speaking, a majority of the population (approximately 61%) is Muslim. Considered one of the primary cultural melting pots of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is an ideal destination for students looking to engage in a multicultural environment.

Both in direct regard to education and in day-to-day life, the cost of living [link to Cost of Living in MalaysiaI] and studying in Malaysia is significantly lower than many expect. By many estimates, when cost of living and tuition fees [link to Study Cost in Malaysia article] are combined, students will likely spend just over one-third of what they might otherwise spend in destinations like the US, UK, or Australia. In particular, when it comes to international universities with campuses in the country, tuition rates can be down to half of their cost in the institution’s home country – all while providing students with the same courses and modules they would receive on a primary campus.

Natural Beauty

Last but certainly not least, Malaysia is a simply beautiful country in which to spend your time studying. Forests and beaches, rural sites and urban cityscapes – all of these are found throughout Malaysia and offer some of the most natural beauty in the world. Its manmade features are nothing to ignore, either: Kuala Lumpur has some of the most impressive architectural feats on the planet, and students will never be at a loss for new adventures to take or areas to explore.